Tuesday, 15 August 2017


Hey guys,

Let’s start the first post with a little introduction. My name is Tonyo and I’ve been playing MTG for about an year now. I’m a huge fan of limited formats and this is mostly what I’m playing. Since I have a crappy work schedule I can’t afford to go to my LGS and play magic with real people very often, therefore I spend most of my magic budget online. In the past few months I began noticing that I spent less and less money charging my account with tix. After some thinking I might have finally figured how to go infinite at limited (or at least spend a very little amount of money). I’m starting this blog so I can keep track of my accomplishments and hopefully entertain a few people on my way to glory. I think that’s enough of an introduction, now let’s get down to business.


Perhaps a lot of you wonder – WHY SEALED? Well here’s the thing. As random as sealed seems to most people draft in MTGO is also the exact same amount of random. In draft leagues you don’t play with the people from your draft pod, so there’s a chance you end up playing versus a player that just had better packs in his pod. So basically draft in Leagues is the same amount of random as Sealed. I haven’t done the actual calculations but in draft you only get 2 pack for a 2-1 (approx 7 tix of value for a 12 tix draft). In Sealed Friendly League if you end up 6-3 (same win % as 2-1) you get 280 play points. Assuming that you will use these to enter more events you get 28tix reward at 6-3 for a 24tix event. What I’m basically saying is that it’s much easier to go infinite in Sealed than it is in Draft.


And now lets talk a bit about my goals.
1. Reach 1800 Limited Rating on my MTGO account (currently 1700)
2. Manage to end the year with some tickets left in my account without actually spending any money on MTGO except my initial 96 tix which I’m starting with (4 Friendly Sealed Entries)
3. Share this blog and hopefully get some readers 

4. Go to GP London in January and qualify for day 2 (at least)


The pool I got for my first public build was kinda bad, but hopefully this will be one of those initial impressions where you readers will be like OMG he must be a really OK player if he managed to finish 6-3 with this pool. Here’s the full list of cards that I opened.


At first glance we're happy to see Samut. It's definitely one of the stronger cards in Amonkhet, even though it pales a bit in comparison to the mythics from HOU. Rhonas's Last Stand goes well with our Samut and that's pretty much all that is exciting in the Rares department. Hollow One and Djeru are fine cards, but not the rares we want and Throne is nothing to get excited about IMO.

After Sorting by color we see that White and Blue are basically unplayable. Desert's Hold is a card we're definitely looking to splash if we end up short on removal, and if we're that desperate we can consider a Sand Blast too. With all that in mind let's check the playable colors we have.


BLACK - We have a reasonable curve in black topping at 4. Our 2 drops are not the best, but are descent. In the 3 drop slot we have some descent removal creatures. Wander in Death is a great spell and we're happy to play one of in pretty much any deck. At the 4 drop we have some filler creatures, a nice removal - Torment of Venom and probably one of the most controversial cards in the format - Torment of Scarabs. I'm still not sure how good this card is but I play it on occasions and so far I'm neither impressed nor disappointed.

RED - We have 3 really good red cards in Manticore Eternal, Sand Strangler and Open Fire. Unfortunately we don't have that many deserts in the right colors to make Sand Strangler awesome. Fervent Paincaster is also kinda good. The rest in red are mostly filler cards and we're definitely not that exited about them.

GREEN - Unfortunately green is also not that potent. We have descent cards but not enough playables to jump into green right away. We do have some descent late game threats and some ok early game in the Frilled Sandwalla, Feral Prowler and Rhonas's Last Stand.

COLORLESS - Wall of Forgotten Pharaohs is a card I really like. It is a fine early game blocker and when turned on it is a form of reach. Manalith can help us splash and Hollow One is a descent creature. All in all nothing that exciting here.


After reviewing our colors I think that we're certainly going to be Black. It has the most straight up playable cards and since our other colors are kinda short we need them. Here are the two builds I was considering.

Creatures: 16; Lands: 17 Creatures: 16; Lands: 17

In the end I like the Green Black deck better. It has a bit of a clunky mana base, but it is far more suited to deal with late game threats (and present such) and has a better card quality IMO. The red deck is fine and I'm definitely prepared to switch if I'm up against some aggro deck running a bunch of x/1s.


We managed to finish 4-5. A slight bump in the beginning, but nevertheless we're going forward. I think that the pool was not the best and I would have been happy to end up like a 5-4. Nevertheless we won 120 playpoints which, which is kinda ok. I also managed to get 1 ticket for the rares in the pool. The matches were interesting, but I was struggling to keep up with my opponents. I bumped into some aggro decks which were way out of my league. I've managed to cast Samut and get her unsummoned, countered and puncture blowed, however there was also a game that went turn 3 manalith, turn 4 samut turn 5 kill. The best moment I had though didn't involve Samut. I can only imagine what pain my opponent was going through when this happened...

My first post became kinda lengthy so I'll be wrapping it up. I'm a bit disappointed that we didn't have a blasting start, but things will turn up. Thank you all for getting to the end with me, and I'll be waiting for you next time.

I'll try to make posts like this two or three times a week. I'll create a schedule as soon as I get the hang of this blog thing and am able to make some plans about when to play and when to write. 

May the hearth of the cards be with you,

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