Thursday, 31 August 2017

My First 9-0 Sealed League

Hey guys,

I'm thrilled to inform you that just now I finished my first 9-0 league. The pool I opened was insane. I played 5 of the 6 rares I opened and all of them were creme de la creme. Without further ado here's the deck I played and the pool I opened.


As you can see the pool is really insane. There were stuff to do in every color and all of them were good. Initially I thought about running green as a main. After a strong consideration I decided that it might not be the best idea since the green in this pool has a bit of a high manacurve. Having all the high cost green cards and all the high cost bombs was not optimal at all so I decided to go with some lower curve colors. The two Amulets really helped for my fixing and since I was already happily set into red I needed just to decide my second color.

Blue is descent and Naga Oracle and Strategic Planing excel in the kind of deck I'm building. However if I went with Blue that meant that I had to either splash both B and W or lose Grind to Dust and Farm to Market. Since both these are way better in quality than any of the blue cards in the pool I decided that even though White was a bit more aggressive it was the better option.

Since I was running 2 Traveler's Amulet I think that going down to 16 lands was the optimal choice. Yes, I do have some 5-6-7 mana cards, but I had stuff to do in the early game too. All in all I think it was the correct decision. There were games where it took some time to cast my most powerful finishers, but with the great quality removal I didn't stumble a lot. There were even a few games where I won with pure aggression.


This deck was insane. I only got only three game losses and the last one was caused by a huge mistake I made due to over-excitment (I tapped my mana wrong and didn't leave a black for Banewhip Punnisher activation). I had all the right answers throughout all 9 matches and most of them were heavily onesided. I can only imagine what went through this guys head when he decided to Doomfall my hand (the card he exiled was Bolas)



I'd like to say that even though the pool was really good I feel great for managing to pilot it to a 9-0. There are a lot of stuff that could have gone wrong and kinda did. I lost my first match to timeout, but got reimbursed (with nullification of the game) since I had problems with the client and just couldn't do anything. So yeah, even though this is an insane deck I think that getting the 9-0 is a real accomplishment and I'm very happy that I did it. Hopefully I will manage to do it again soon. As for the time being I'm joyful about this one. P.S. I want to thank the Limited Resources show and team. They have really helped improve a lot and I strongly recommend to check the podcast if you want to learn a thing or two.

May the hearth of the cards be with you,

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