Friday, 25 August 2017


Time for another update!

Last week was a pretty bad one for me. I've had some really bad results and it just seemed like I couldn't do it. I was feeling that I was tilting and wasn't playing at my best. I finished 4-5 in the last 3 leagues. But then I decided that it's time to stop and consider my mistakes. I started looking over the decks I played and immediately started finding a way to build them better, or improve my manabase, or that I built a miracle deck that needed 4 or 5 things to happen consecutively in order to make this big finish. Unfortunately MTGO has decided that it's time to stop saving my history, so I can't exactly show you my decks.

Nevertheless I think that I've managed to come to my senses. I really took a breath and spend a whole day watching replays from previous games and analyzing my mistakes. I've found that some of the decks I built seemed awesome on paper but the manabase was so ridiculous and with a very small chance to actually work. I've caught myself playing like a maniac vs my opponents open mana and getting blown out.

Anyway the next day came and with my eyes opened I decided to give it another go. With having all 4-5s at least I was getting some PP back. I managed to take a snap at my last deck, and a DECK indeed it was.


There was stuff in every color to play. The rares were good and most were playable. one of the most important things though was that I build the deck like 5 times in order to make sure I was playing the best version there is. My first major decision was that I was going to play Green. I had the most (good) rares in that color and the deserts needed to make Hour of Promise good. I also had stuff to ramp into. The best rare in the pool is the Angel IMO. I wanted to play it but white didn't seem like a good main color due to low amount of good playables. I looked into black splashing red first since I had a trial - cartouche combo, a gold GR card and the Ammit Eternal.

I built the GBR deck and I didn't feel excited at all. I was leaving my best cards out - Glyph Keeper and Angel. I didn't have enough deserts and all in all I wasn't feeling excited for this deck. I started thinking what would I miss from this deck. The removal was descent, but I had good removal in white and blue too. After building the GUW deck I started to feel it. This deck just felt right and made me excited to go into game one. I was winning and the deck was very consistent. I had a game or two where I drew the wrong kind of mana at the wrong time, but most of the time Vizier helped cast my creatures without any trouble and Hour fetched me the needed lands.


I was having an almost perfect run (I had like 2 or 3 game losses) till 7-0. AND THEN CAME THE HORROR. The most ridiculous UR deck I've ever faced. He bounced my stuff, open fired my face and pretty much destroyed everything I managed to stick on the board while smashing my face too. I manage to take a game, but both games he won were heavily one-sided. He had 3 Riddleforms in his deck and I was facing at least 2 of them every game. Every removal he had turned into like 3 cmc - remove target creature and deal 6 to face of opponent. It was hard. I was so disappointed that my streak had to end. I picked myself up though and joined the queue for my next game.

AND THEN CAME THE SAME HORROR. I was matched with the same person. So we went again. Miraculously I won game one. Next game he was on the play and destroyed me so fast. Riddleform into Riddleform into removal is a powerfull combo and it did the job. I started sideboarding but I didn't know what to do. I looked at my pool and made a decision. I took out all the WU cards, sided in my Red Aggressive stuff, and went into race mode. His deck was just too good and I didn't want to risk having a slow start. Open fire is a great way to deal with Riddleform and I had descent aggressive red options. The deck wasn't as strong as the GUW, but it was definitely faster. I managed to steal the last game with a Trial of Zeal to the face as a finisher and I was celebrating.


My first 8-1!!! I would have been much happier for a 9-0, but this is an excellent result too. If it were a GP I would make day 2 and have a descent shot at top 8. Unfortunately it is not, but it has lifted my spirits a lot. As a conclusion I'd like to remind you that if you feel yourself getting in a rut you should really rethink you last 10-15 games and the decisions you made. Perhaps you weren't as flooded as you thought and there were mistakes that costed you a game or two, or even five.

May the hearth of the cards be with you,

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